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Sony VPL-EX100 3 LCD Projector 2300 ANSI HD 1080p HDMI-adapter w/Remote bundle


  • $ 13500

Good cosmetic and excellent working condition, 30 Days Warranty.

Sony VPL-EX100 3LCD Projector

Digital Multimedia Projector

⦁ Brightness: 2300 lumens
⦁ Contrast: 2200:1
⦁ Native Resolution: 1024x768
⦁ HD Video Mode: 1080p
⦁ Display Type: 3LCD
⦁ Projector Weight: 7.1 lbs
Projector is Professionally Tested and is in Good Working Order.
Before shipping all of our items are handled in Gloves and are sanitized with a smell-less spray that contains 91% alcohol, that kills 99.99% of viruses and microorganisms. We take pride in the safety of our items.

Quality Assessment

  • Lamp and filter:
  • Lamp and filter are cleaned to improve image quality and extend projector life.

  • Lamp hours:
  • Genuine Lamp has been used for few hours. Over 50% lamp life remaining.

  • Image Quality:
  • We guarantee a good image, little dust possible, which is typical for used projectors of this model.

  • Cosmetic Condition:
  • Good, some scratches, little dust.



FREE Convenient Accessories Included by TeKswamp:
  • Power Cable *1
  • VGA Cable
  • HDMI Video Adapter *2
  • Remote Control *3

No other cables or accessories
are included.

*1 Included in domestic shipments and Canada only. A power cable is NOT included in international orders. The operation of any electronics using foreign adapters may cause the equipment to malfunction and/or become a fire hazard.

*2 HDMI Video Adapter is compatible with most HDMI sources, but is not 100% guaranteed. Audio may not be supported. If projector is equipped with HDMI port, the HDMI adapter will not be included in the shipment.

*3 Included is a high quality remote custom programmed to specifically work with your model of projector.

Photo Disclaimer: All photos shown are for illustrative purposes only, intended to accurately showcase the model and condition of what you will receive. Equipment may have some cosmetic marks, scratches and/or blemishes in areas other than what is shown.

TeKswamp Warranty

We provide a 30 Day Warranty on all of our product offerings unless indicated otherwise. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us first and we will make EVERY effort to make everything just right for you!

Important Shipping Information

Standard and economy shipping is available only for the lower 48 US states. You must purchase Expedited/Priority Shipping services if your shipment is going to other US territories and PO boxes. All orders that are placed before 3 o’clock (according Pacific time) will be shipped out the next day. Majority of shipments in the USA are delivered within 2-4 days.

You can purchase projectors from many different sellers. But what is the best way to make sure that you are buying from a trustworthy source?

At TeKSwamp we have more than 10 years of positive experience specializing in refurbishing electronics!

To maintain the highest standards of service to our customers we pledge ALL of the following:

⦁ Square and honest pricing;
⦁ FREE accessories (all the necessary equipment to start operating your projector straight out of the box);
⦁ Reasonable shipping times and free shipping on most items;
⦁ Quality inspection/testing and proper refurbishing of all of our projectors, using only highly-experienced technicians;
⦁ TeKswamp thoroughly tests, cleans and replaces any damaged or worn out parts, guaranteeing a properly functioning projector with a beautiful picture every single time!

Information below is for educational purposes only

The following information should be viewed as constructive advice based on years of experience.

Buying a used projector can save you a lot of money. But you can also run into some unforeseen problems if you don’t purchase from a company that specializes in projectors and guarantees complete functionality of their merchandise.

Projector Image Quality, Image Brightness, Thoroughness of Inspections, Proper Product Representation

There are many factors that may affect image quality, brightness and overall value of a projector, most of which goes unnoticed by the untrained eye.

1. Dust Optic Burns – Image Quality

Optic burns may discolor the image or create discolored spots. These spots can be caused by the long hours of use, inappropriate temperature or dust.

Dust accumulation is present in most used projectors. It tends to create darker projection image and can leave spots on the projection by getting attached to the optic inside. It may be nearly impossible to remove the dust from the optic without completely disassembling the projector first. Dust may also come loose during the shipping process and later burn into hot optic surfaces of the projector creating spots on the image. It can also attach itself to heat sensitive areas of the projector, causing it to overheat or malfunction.

TeKswamp technicians check the quality of the projection image and thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the projectors to eliminate as much dust as possible.

2. Lamps – Image Brightness

Important Information about Projector Lamps:

Many non-authentic, non-OEM lamps can stop functioning within 6 to 12 months whether the projector has been used or not. Generic lamps may produce a darker or brighter image than an OEM lamp. Non-authentic lamps die more quickly because of inferior build quality, when the gas sealed within the lamp begins to leak. Also, the lamp can be brighter than specified and may burn the projector’s optic by running on a higher temperature than the projector is designed for.

TeKswamp ensures that you receive a lamp with low hours. In addition, TeKswamp inspects every lamp to check for burns, dust and clarity of the lamp reflector.

3. Inspections and Testing

Projector Inspections and Testing…

Used projectors MUST be thoroughly inspected and tested for optimal functionality and endurance. For example, some used projectors can overheat and simply turn off to prevent any further damage. Also, it is hard to notice smaller malfunctions until it is too late, such as malfunctioning legs/buttons or high lamp hours, etc.

Example: If a projector leg doesn’t function properly, it could create some major hassle if you need to constantly set up, jimmy and move your projector around.

TeKswamp inspects EVERY aspect of the projectors it sells. Why do we go through so much hassle? We Take Pride in Our Work and in Our Ability to Offer the Very Best High Tech Reconditioned Products Available!

4. Honest Product Representation

Important Information with Regard to Projector Specifications:

It is important to familiarize yourself with projector specifications. You can decide for yourself whether a particular projector suits your type of needs.

A Seller should represent the product to the best of their ability, avoiding the use of superlatives such as: ‘super bright’, ‘outdoor projector’, ‘MSRP $9999’, or something similar that diverts buyer’s attention from the actual projector specifications, value and capabilities.

With TeKswamp, you will always get your money’s worth and then some!

OCCASIONAL USAGE [Really Tight Budget, Bright Picture Required]

Examples: Family reunions, Parties, Ceremonies - when you want to make a great impression but have a limited budget.

TeKswamp Recommendation:

⦁ DLP projector for $150-$200
⦁ 2500+ ANSI lumens

WEEKLY USAGE [School/College, Church]

Examples: For teachers, consider a ‘Short Throw LCD Projector’ that will not blind teacher’s eyes every time he/she looks at the projector. (Search “short throw projector” for more information).

TeKswamp Recommendation:

⦁ LCD projector 2000+ (recommended for a darker room) or 2500+ ANSI lumens

Important Note: DLP projectors are not recommended in this case. They are less reliable and create a rainbow effect in motion images. (Search: “DLP projector rainbow effect” for more information).

COMMERCIAL USAGE (Powerpoints, Short Video Presentations)

TeKswamp Recommendation:

⦁ Use LCD for lower-speed presentations, such as PowerPoint presentations. They produce richer color, more reliable in transportation, but bigger.
⦁ Alternative: Use DLP for video presentations or when the size and weight are of importance: 3-4lb for DLP vs 6-7lb for LCD.

WEEKLY USAGE (Home Theater, Games)

TeKswamp Recommendation:

⦁ High contrast LCD (preferably) 2000:1 or more
⦁ 3D DLP 3000+ lumens for 3D movies
⦁ Native Wide Resolution or at least 1024x768
⦁ 2500+ lumens
⦁ HDMI input

OCCASIONAL USAGE (Home Theater, Games)

TeKswamp Recommendation:

⦁ DLP 2500+ lumens with HDMI adapter
⦁1080i supported


TeKswamp Recommendation:

⦁ Brightness of the projection is even more important outdoors. Please look for larger, commercial-grade projectors. They have better cooling abilities and can better cope with different weather conditions (temperature, humidity, etc)

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