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Original Optoma EX565UT EX605ST EX610ST Projector Lamp Bulb by Osram OEM


  • $ 4753


Original Optoma EX565UT EX605ST EX610ST Projector Lamp Bulb by Osram OEM

Brand: Optoma

P/N: 230/0.8 E20.8

Lamp bulb type: ORIGINAL OSRAM

Why Buy Genuine/OEM Projector Lamps?

There are Genuine/OEM lamps. What is OEM lamp? OEM lamp – it`s lamp which produced by original equipment manufacturer company. This company refers to your projector manufacturer company so bulb will suits perfectly to your projector`s specifications. Also in the market there are a lot Chinese bulbs, but they are just copies and often do not work as you expected. Why Chinese lamps are bad? Because most of them are simply dying less than one year using or giving only 50 to 80% of brightness compared to OEM ones. Also there are a lot of complaints from customers who bought Chinese lamps, they writing different things, from the fact that the lamp emits toxic smoke to fact that lamp disables the projector.

Our company is very experienced in projector bulbs, so we strongly recommend you better to use only Genuine/Authentic/OEM projector lamps. We want you to receive best experience when you buying our OEM lamps.

Be attentive when reading the listings. A lot of third party sellers use descriptive methods to conceal the fact that the lamps are not OEM. So Stay away from the lamps labeled as OEM Equivalent, Replacement lamps aimes to fit…, or if there is no particular lamp manufacturer associated with this lamp.
OEM lamps are rare to find especially for the cheap price. TeKswamp suggests you the best OEM options for the price. Please feel free to ask us any questions, we will be more than happy to provide all information needed.

NO Lamp Housing. Comes as pictured

90 Days Warranty

Shipping To Lower 48 States Only (additional charges may apply on orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico)