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New OEM Vivitek D825EX D825MS D825MX D832MX D853W D859 Projector Remote Control


  • $ 3215


New OEM Vivitek D825EX D825MS D825MX D832MX D853W D859 Projector Remote Control

TeKswamp team wants you to have the best experience when buying OEM Remote Controls from our store. We Suggest for Sale NEW Vivitek Remote Control Commanders and strongly recommend to only use OEM Parts. Here you will Not find knock offs. These particular OEM Remote Controls are specifically fitting such Vivitek Projectors: Vivitek D825EX D825MS D825MX D832MX D853W D859. Our company is selling Original Parts that, what we have available in our warehouses.
Please be aware that batteries are not included with the remote.

Original Remote Control Advantages:

Well-known manufacturer always guarantees high quality of their product;

Instant signal communication is impressive;

Patented technology;

Exclusive design;

Hard outer case made of innovative plastic;

High warranty standards;

Branded logo on the remote body is a must;

World standards of quality are strictly followed;

Being greatly durable if used appropriately;

100% compatibility with branded devices;

You will most likely face some of these disadvantages when using Non-OEM Remote Control:

Weak infrared signal;

Quick battery drainage;

Weak remote body, which can be easily broken;

Can be ignited while at use;

Will most likely not support all necessary functions of the device;

Can work inappropriately;

Quickly fails;

TeKswamp Warranty

  • We provide a 60-day Warranty.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will make EVERY effort to meet your specific needs!