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New NEC Projector Remote EXACT COPY for NP610 EDU NP610S EDU NP510 EDU NP410 EDU


  • $ 1785


Tekswamp remote control for New Panasonic Projector Remote EXACT COPY for NP610 EDU NP610S EDU NP510 EDU NP410 EDU projectors.

Tekswamp exact copy remote control provides exact button-to-button codes, copied from the original (OEM) remote. Full functionality of each button has been tested and verified. No additional programming is required. The remote features energy-efficient circuit and a comfortable, strong body that will last.


  • Compact and ergonomic design

The remote features comfortable, easy to reach buttons and a compact, rectangular body, convenient for storage and transportation. Dimensions: 5.5in x 1.5in x 0.8in

  • Long-lasting batteries

Electrical circuit of the remote control requires little power to operate. It will continue to operate even when the batteries are close to their life’s end.

  • Strong beam

The power of the beam is comparable to that of the most original remote controls and depends on the strength of the batteries inside.

  • “ON” Indicator

The “ON” Indicator lights up after any active button on the remote has been pressed. It indicates that the remote works properly and that it sends an IR signal to the projector.

  • Soft buttons

Buttons are comfortable but not overly-sensitive to touch. This feature prevents them from wearing out or sending accidental signals.

  • Security screw

Security Screw is a childproofing feature that prevents unauthorized access to the small parts inside, preventing choking hazards associated with them.

  • Durability

The remote is manufactured from strong durable plastic and will not break easily.

Remote requires two “AAA” batteries (not included).

60-Day Warranty