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Genuine DMD DLP Chip 1076-6319W, 1076-6318W No dead pixels, NON DOA Warranty


  • $ 6500

Fully functional, no dead pixels. "C" stock. May die any time! Non DOA Warranty only.

Genuine DMD / DLP Chip 1076-6319W or 1076-6318W.
We have developed a testing process in which can be predicted how long the chip shall last and we have sorted good chips in 3 types:
A - no dead pixels will show up for the life of the projector
Link to chips type "A"
B - about to 1000 hours with no dead pixels
Link to chips type "B"
C - may die any time
This auction for "C" type chips! We've verified that these chips project a clear image with NO DEAD PIXELS, but we give a non DOA warranty only. MANY USED CHIPS ARE LIKE THESE.
Buyer must contact us within 3 days after receiving the chip for an exchange of a refund. No return or exchange after 3 days from receiving the item.
Please check our other auctions or contact us if you are looking to receive a good quality, reliable chip that will last for the life of the projector.