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Epson PowerLite 93+ 3LCD Projector - Acceptable Functional w/Power Cable


  • $ 12000

Used projector in Acceptable/Fair Condition, PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION! Optic issues possible: mirror alignment. No Returns.

Epson PowerLite 93+ 3LCD Projector - Acceptable Functional

⦁ Brightness: 2600 lumens
⦁ Contrast: 2000:1
⦁ Native Resolution: 1024x768
⦁ HD Video Mode: 1080i
⦁ Display Type: 3LCD
⦁ Projector Weight: 7.0 lbs

This projector has been received from a working environment and has passed all standard tests. It has acceptable picture quality, this is used functional projector. Optic issues possible: mirror alignment.

You don't need to expect these types of units to undergo thorough examination, as we, like most other sellers, market them for a very competitive price.

We know the major flaws of each model and won’t allow shipping a projector that may overheat, have lamp failure or just die in a few minutes.

Photo Disclaimer: All photos shown are for illustrative purposes only, intended to accurately showcase the model. Photos MAY NOT reflect the actual condition of the item! Equipment may have some cosmetic marks, and/or blemishes, dents, lens scratches etc., in areas other than what is shown.

Quality Assessment

  • Lamp and filter:
  • Working lamp (no warranty on the lamp). Filter may have some dust or small tears common for this model.

  • Cosmetic condition:
  • Acceptable. We send these projectors the same way as we`ve received them. They may have some dust, scratches, missing legs, small dents. Rarely small damage on it's case.

  • Image quality:
  • Acceptable. May have some blemishes from dust, slight discoloration or color shift, minor focus problems, lens scratches, etc. These are typical problems what often appear in used projectors of this model.

Accessories Included: Power Cable. (Included in domestic shipments and Canada only. A power cable is NOT included in international orders. The operation of any electronics using foreign adapters may cause the equipment to malfunction and/or become a fire hazard)

No other cables or accessories are included.

User Manual can be downloaded from the internet. Please, ask us for assistance if help is needed in downloading manual.

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Additional Information:


  • This projector has acceptable/fair picture quality. Typical for most used projectors.
    However, the image produced by such a projector is not nearly as bright, crisp and clear as that of our refurbished projectors
  • projector image
  • You can see a side-by-side comparison between two projection images. One is by the current projector and another is by the projector of the same model refurbished by TeKswamp. The comparison was done under similar conditions, using the same signal strength, brightness settings, etc.
  • projector image

    In order for our customers to understand this is a used functional projector, enough to serve the purpose.

TeKswamp Warranty

No Returns on this product.

Important Shipping Information

Standard and economy shipping is available only for the lower 48 US states. You must purchase Expedited/Priority Shipping services if your shipment is going to other US territories and PO boxes. All orders that are placed before 3 o’clock (according Pacific time) will be shipped out the next day. Majority of shipments in the USA are delivered within 2-4 days.

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