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BenQ MX520 DLP Projector - 3000 Lumens HD HDMI 1080p w/Accessories


  • $ 12914

Good cosmetic and excellent working condition, 30 Days Warranty.

BenQ MX520 DLP Projector

Digital Multimedia Projector
Brightness: 3000 lumens
Contrast: 13000:1
Native Resolution: 1024x768
HD Video Mode: 1080p
Display Type: DLP
Projector Weight: 5.3 lbs.

"Projector is Professionally Tested and is in Good Working Order."

Before shipping all of our items are handled in Gloves and are sanitized with a smell-less spray that contains 91% alcohol, that kills 99.99% of viruses and microorganisms. We take pride in the safety of our items.


Lamp and filter:

Lamp and all filters have been cleaned to improve image quality and extend projector life.

Lamp hours:

Lamp has been used for under 45% of its life. Over 55% lamp life is remaining (left).

Image Quality:

We guarantee a good image, little dust possible, which is typical for used projectors of this model.

Cosmetic Condition:

Good, some scratches, little dust.

We will ship your package same or next business day (Mon-Fri) after payment was received. We use delivery services like:

        USPS Priority mail (1-3 days)

        FedEx Home Delivery or Ground (1-5 days)


Select different combinations of Accessories.

- “No Accessories” (Projector only)

- “HDMI+Power Cable”

- “Remote+HDMI+Power Cable” (Most Popular)

  • TeKswamp custom programmed remote. It has a comfortable grip and is durable.

  • Power Cable for your Projector. A high-quality Power Cable for US outlets.

  • HDMI Cable. Included will be a high quality HDMI Cable, that suits this Projector.

No other cables or accessories will be included.

Photo Disclaimer: All photos shown are for illustrative purposes only, intended to accurately showcase the model and condition of what you will receive. Equipment may have some cosmetic marks, scratches and/or blemishes in areas other than what is shown.

Projector Manual

The projector manual can be easily found online. However, if you are not able to locate it - please contact us we will be more than happy to provide you with a direct link to it.

TeKswamp Customer support

We have one of the best in market customer support for used projectors. Our team is more than happy to provide you with all the needed information and instructions that you might need.

We have acquired numerous Commercial buyers and School district clients during years of work due to incredible support.

TeKswamp Warranty

We provide a 30 Day Warranty on all of our product offerings unless indicated otherwise.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us first and we will make EVERY effort to make everything just right for you! Please do not hesitate to contact us even after the Warranty period! We stand behind our products! We will help!

Important Shipping Information

  • Fast and FREE shipping is available only for the lower 48 US states. Unless stated otherwise.

  What is “Fast and FREE shipping”? It means we will ship your package the next business day (Mon-Fri) after payment was received. We will use services like:

        USPS Priority mail (1-3 days)

        FedEx Home Delivery or Ground (1-5 days)

 We do not ship packages on Saturday - Sunday and on holidays.

 • You must purchase USPS Priority Mail Shipping service if your shipment is going to other US territories and PO boxes.

 • International Shipments. We charge an additional amount for international shipments. We usually ship using Priority Mail services.


Why Should I Buy from TeKswamp?

We love to create continuous business relations, that last for years. That's why we perform at the highest business standards and do everything possible to keep our clients satisfied. We have more than 10.000 satisfied clients and keep going. But the thing, that keeps us proud - is returning clients after years! Check our feedback and reviews! We are confident, we are the best in the used projector retail market.

You can find projectors in many places, but it is very difficult to know who you can trust to buy from, when it comes to used projectors. For over 10 years running, we specialize in refurbishing Projectors.

We acknowledge it is mission critical to maintain the highest standards by offering ALL of the following to our customers:

Square and honest pricing;

Fast shipping time and free shipping on most items;

Quality testing and refurbishing all projectors correctly by industry experienced technicians. No newbies.

TeKswamp thoroughly tests, cleans and replaces any damaged or worn parts, guaranteeing a properly functioning projector with a beautiful picture every single time!

If you need any personal assistance to determine what projector to buy or would like suggestions, feel free to use the “contact the seller” option on eBay. We can give you a wise advice.


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