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3M SCP712 DLP Projector Short-Throw Remote HDMI adapter - Lamp Hours Used: 1112


  • $ 14955

Some Wear, Good Cosmetic Condition. Minor Scuffs Possible. OEM Lamp Hours Used: 1112. 30 Days Warranty.

Used 3M SCP712 DLP Projector

Lamp Counter: 1112 OEM Lamp Hours Used.

Visual appearance: Good, may have little dust, few scratches.

Image quality: We guarantee a good image, little dust possible, which is typical for used projectors of this model.

Before shipping all of our items are handled in Gloves and are sanitized with a smell-less spray that contains 91% alcohol, that kills 99.99% of viruses and microorganisms. We take pride in the safety of our items.

Detailed Specifications:

Brightness: 2000 lumens

Contrast: 2100:1

Resolution: 1024x768

Video modes: 720p, 576i/p, 480i/p

Lamp life (Full power): 2000 hours

Lamp life (Eco-mode): 3000 hours

Weight: 9.9 lbs

Connection Panel:

Composite (RCA), S-Video, VGA In (Dsub-15pin), VGA In (Dsub-15pin), Audio Out (Mini Jack), USB B, RS232 (DB-9pin)


  • VGA Cable

  • HDMI adapter

  • Power Cable

  • Remote

  • 30 Day Warranty

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us and we will respond within 24 hours on weekdays.

Why Should You Buy From Us?

Simply put: No Scams! Best Price, Great Units, Awesome Customer Service.

We fully refurbish and test our product ourselves, assuring you get an excellent unit, at an excellent price.

We have specialized in electronics for 10+ years. We take pride in our work and products.

Common Problems in a Projector

Burned Image - The least noticed problem in a projector is a burned colored hue on the image. We always test all colors to assure your unit is not burned.

Dead Pixels - Little white/black dots is a common problem within a projector. At first glance it may not be noticed with one to five dots but after some usage, they cover the screen. With a trained eye we check that your projector is dead pixel free.

Overheating - With a cleaned projector you can be worry free about your projector overheating. We guarantee you that the projector will not overheat under proper circumstances.

MSRP $1000+ - Familiarize yourself with the specifications of a projector. It's worth is determined by its specifications. With us, you will always get what you pay for and a 30 Day Warranty

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