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Things to Look for When Buying a Used Projector

Posted by Vasyl Boichuk on

The following information should be viewed as constructive advice based on years of experience.

Buying a used projector can save you a lot of money. But you can also run into some unforeseen problems if you don’t purchase from a company that specializes in projectors and guarantees complete functionality of their merchandise.

Projector Image Quality, Image Brightness, Thoroughness of Inspections, Proper Product Representation

There are many factors that may affect image quality, brightness and overall value of a projector, most of which goes unnoticed by the untrained eye.

1. Dust Optic Burns – Image Quality

Optic burns may discolor the image or create discolored spots. These spots can be caused by the long hours of use, inappropriate temperature or dust.

Dust accumulation is present in most used projectors. It tends to create darker projection image and can leave spots on the projection by getting attached to the optic inside. It may be nearly impossible to remove the dust from the optic without completely disassembling the projector first. Dust may also come loose during the shipping process and later burn into hot optic surfaces of the projector creating spots on the image. It can also attach itself to heat sensitive areas of the projector, causing it to overheat or malfunction.

TeKswamp technicians check the quality of the projection image and thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the projectors to eliminate as much dust as possible.

2. Lamps – Image Brightness

Important Information about Projector Lamps:

Many non-authentic, non-OEM lamps can stop functioning within 6 to 12 months whether the projector has been used or not. Generic lamps may produce a darker or brighter image than an OEM lamp. Non-authentic lamps die more quickly because of inferior build quality, when the gas sealed within the lamp begins to leak. Also, the lamp can be brighter than specified and may burn the projector’s optic by running on a higher temperature than the projector is designed for.

TeKswamp ensures that you receive a lamp with low hours. In addition, TeKswamp inspects every lamp to check for burns, dust and clarity of the lamp reflector.

3. Inspections and Testing

Projector Inspections and Testing…

Used projectors MUST be thoroughly inspected and tested for optimal functionality and endurance. For example, some used projectors can overheat and simply turn off to prevent any further damage. Also, it is hard to notice smaller malfunctions until it is too late, such as malfunctioning legs/buttons or high lamp hours, etc.

Example: If a projector leg doesn’t function properly, it could create some major hassle if you need to constantly set up, jimmy and move your projector around.

TeKswamp inspects EVERY aspect of the projectors it sells. Why do we go through so much hassle? We Take Pride in Our Work and in Our Ability to Offer the Very Best High Tech Reconditioned Products Available!

4. Honest Product Representation

Important Information with Regard to Projector Specifications:

It is important to familiarize yourself with projector specifications. You can decide for yourself whether a particular projector suits your type of needs.

A Seller should represent the product to the best of their ability, avoiding the use of superlatives such as: ‘super bright’, ‘outdoor projector’, ‘MSRP $9999’, or something similar that diverts buyer’s attention from the actual projector specifications, value and capabilities.

With TeKswamp, you will always get your money’s worth and then some!

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