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So, Why Buy from TeKswamp?

Posted by Vasyl Boichuk on

You can purchase projectors from many different sellers. But what is the best way to make sure that you are buying from a trustworthy source? At TeKSwamp we have more than 10 years of positive experience specializing in refurbishing electronics!

To maintain the highest standards of service to our customers we pledge ALL of the following:

  • Square and honest pricing;
  • FREE accessories (all the necessary equipment to start operating your projector straight out of the box);
  • Reasonable shipping times and free shipping on most items;
  • Quality inspection/testing and proper refurbishing of all of our projectors, using only highly-experienced technicians;
  • TeKswamp thoroughly tests, cleans and replaces any damaged or worn out parts, guaranteeing a properly functioning projector with a beautiful picture every single time!

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