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Right Kind of a Projector for Your Specific Needs

Posted by Vasyl Boichuk on

OCCASIONAL USAGE [Really Tight Budget, Bright Picture Required]

Examples: Family reunions, Parties, Ceremonies - when you want to make a great impression but have a limited budget.

TeKswamp Recommendation:

  • DLP projector for $150-$200
  • 2500+ ANSI lumens

WEEKLY USAGE [School/College, Church]

Examples: For teachers, consider a ‘Short Throw LCD Projector’ that will not blind teacher’s eyes every time he/she looks at the projector. (Search “short throw projector” for more information).

TeKswamp Recommendation:

  • LCD projector 2000+ (recommended for a darker room) or 2500+ ANSI lumens

Important Note: DLP projectors are not recommended in this case. They are less reliable and create a rainbow effect in motion images. (Search: “DLP projector rainbow effect” for more information).

COMMERCIAL USAGE (Powerpoints, Short Video Presentations)

TeKswamp Recommendation:

  • Use LCD for lower-speed presentations, such as PowerPoint presentations. They produce richer color, more reliable in transportation, but bigger.
  • Alternative: Use DLP for video presentations or when the size and weight are of importance: 3-4lb for DLP vs 6-7lb for LCD.

WEEKLY USAGE (Home Theater, Games)

TeKswamp Recommendation:

  • High contrast LCD (preferably) 2000:1 or more
  • 3D DLP 3000+ lumens for 3D movies
  • Native Wide Resolution or at least 1024x768
  • 2500+ lumens
  • HDMI input

OCCASIONAL USAGE (Home Theater, Games)

TeKswamp Recommendation:

  • DLP 2500+ lumens with HDMI adapter
  • 1080i supported


TeKswamp Recommendation:

  • Brightness of the projection is even more important outdoors. Please look for larger, commercial-grade projectors.  They have better cooling abilities and can better cope with different weather conditions (temperature, humidity, etc)

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